The Evaluation of Debris Flows Influence on the Pass Through Type Debris Flow against Construction

Goga Chakhaia, Eduard Kukhalashvili, Robert Diakonidze, Nugzar Kvashilava, Levan Tsulukidze, Shorena Kupreishvili, Tamriko Supatashvili, Irina Khubulava


In the article is presented the pass through type debris flow against construction, builts at the surrounded by the flow principle, has been implemented theoretical researches for evaluation debris flow influence on that. As a result of our implemented calculation, in a condition of specific access, established, a numerical value of current loads on the cylinder form elements at the debris flow impact on the link debris flow. Results of the above calculation provide the basis for considering this construction potentially effectively debris flow against construction.


Construction; debris flow; theoretical calculation.

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