Light Weight Steel Frames vs. Common Building Structures - Structural Performance Evaluation


  • Salman Mashhadifarahani Department of Civil Engineering, Azad University, Shahrekord branch


Light steel frame (LSF), Structural performance, Building industrialization, Strengthening.


In the event of an earthquake, one of the efficient methods is to use Light Weight Steel (LSF) systems. In this regard, light weight and numerous load bearing members can reduce level of input earthquake energy to the structure. In modern societies which speed and productivity in every context is deterministic, application of rapid and optimal methods such as LSF systems in the construction industry seems inevitable. In other words, for the sake of strengthening structures against earthquake, various methods have been used. Due to seismicity of the region in which Iran is located and high seismic hazard, it must be attempted to lead performance of structures toward least life and financial losses. One of the novel and applicable methods for improving seismic behavior of structures is to use LSF. Principle of work of structures implemented with LSF system is based on the number of load bearing members which leads to compensation of the weakness of a member by other members in case one member fails as a result of weakness or any other reasons. Some benefits of such structures are: light weight, easy transportation, rapid implementation and suitable resistance against earthquake, reduction in energy costs and acoustic isolation. In this paper, Light weight steel frames vs. common building structures - structural performance were evaluated.


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