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Student’s Perspective on Formative Assessment: Quizzes and Discussion as Ongoing Process in Higher Education

Zina Adil Chaqmaqchee


The goal of this article was to investigate student’s angle on quiz and discussion as development of learning process and its effect on learners. This study explored students perspective towards formative assessment in higher education. Ostensibly, to create a generation that preserves to be critical learners. The results of the study gained from students of Soran and Koya University in order to make the distinction between two universities. The aim of this research was to get students perception of process of learning (quiz and discussion) and its effect positively or negatively on learners. The findings set out that Koya University student valued formative assessment (quiz and discussion) in their process of learning more than learners of Soran University; however Koya university students have positive effect to formative assessment during the courses in the class. The finding increases student’s awareness towards formative assessment and its sustainable growth in academic spheres.


Assessment; Evaluation; Formative assessment; higher education; proactive learning.

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