Design of a University Course for the Training of Biology Teachers in a Virtual Environment (Analysis of Results Taking into Account Students' Attitudes to the E-learning)

Kamelia Yotovska, Petia-Genova Kalou


Over the last decade, the concept of "designing e-learning" in the field of higher education has been in the focus of various research communities. Given the increasing number of e-learning publications, the issue of a university course model is becoming a widely discussed topic. The aim of the article is to present a specific solution related to the design of a traditionally organized course in electronic, for the preparation of future teachers of biology. The research process of designing a theoretically based model of pedagogical activity within the framework of a university e-learning course, including stepwise steps in its creation, following the phases of the ADDIE model, is briefly described. Using statistical tests to verify hypotheses (relative percentages), a comparison of the results obtained, taking into account the attitudes of the students before and after the e-learning, was made.


e-learning; university course; course design; students' attitudes.

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