Forecasting the Global Market Behavior of Pistachio

Elham Asadi


Expanding the exports of agricultural products is an important current issue in Iran. There is a high potential in the production of pistachios as one of the main agricultural products with high foreign demand. The availability of salty water and lands in many areas of Iran has made a comparative advantage in producing this product. Iran is the biggest producer of pistachios comparing to the other countries and this is the third product (after oil and carpet) that yields the highest export income for Iran. However, the United States and Turkey have decreased the share of Iran in the trade market of pistachios from 77% in 1980 to 50% in 2016. Yet, the world trade market was getting affected from Iran's market. In this study, we are investigating the structure of the pistachio’s world market and forecasting it until the year 2020.


Market structure; Concentration Index; Pistachio.

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