Improving Speaking Skills in EFL Classes through Collaborative Learning

Abdulbagi Babiker


Most  methods of teaching depend on individual work as claimed by Ali in [1]. This is due to teachers' familiarity with traditional techniques as argued by Kailani [2] and Mudawi [3]The current study aims at investigating improving speaking skills through collaborative learning. The study is to familiarize EFL teachers with collaborative learning techniques and ask them to encourage learners to practice these techniques. The study is to test six hypotheses and answer four questions. The study followed the analytical descriptive method. Data was collected and organized as a theoretical part. A questionnaire and check list are used as a practical part. Analysis arrived at the results that: EL teachers are not familiar with collaborative learning techniques, those teachers are affected by traditional methods used to teach them, students do not take group work seriously and these techniques lead to a noticeable progress in speaking skills. Consequently, the study recommends that: Collaborative learning should be part of teacher training program, teachers should train students to practice collaborative work and course desiners should devote enough time for collaborative learning.


collaboration; collaborative learning; speaking; EFL.

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