Design of an Interval Fuzzy Type-2- PID Controller for a Gas Turbine Power Plant

Ahmed A. Oglah, Ahmed J. Mohammed


In this paper, an interval fuzzy type-2 PID controllers are designed for speed and Exhaust temperature in a heavy duty Gas Turbine (HDGT) power plant and the model selected is Rowen’s model to present the mechanical behavior of the gas turbine, the work is aimed to improve the system dynamic performance of speed and Exhaust temperature for a 56.6 MW, 50 HZ, simple cycle, single shaft heavy duty gas turbine, all gains for conventional  PID and interval fuzzy type-2 PID are tuned using Social Spider Optimization(SSO) technique, we show the performance improvement for interval fuzzy type -2 PID controller in comparison with conventional PID via simulation.


Interval type-2 fuzzy PID; heavy duty gas turbine power plant; Rowen’s model; Social spider optimization (SSO).

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