Feasibility Study for Establishing a Restaurant in Jeddah

Said Ali ElQuliti, Abdoulrahman Gamil Elalem


The primary purpose of this paper is to express an in-depth and comprehensive feasibility study for a gourmet restaurant in Jeddah since a feasibility study is crucial to the success of any business project. This study targets to explore the success of establishing a gourmet restaurant in Jeddah and to answer the question whether this business idea will continue successfully. We propose that the gourmet restaurant will comprise a signature store made brioche bread, as a novel idea. The business type needed, data regarding the gourmet restaurant industry and the history and development of brioche bread are basic information required. The feasibility study contains six categories: business strategy, market feasibility study, technical feasibility study, location and site selection study, social and an environmental feasibility study, and economic feasibility study. The market study addresses the requisite information on demand and supply, as well as the detailed information about competitors. The technical study contains the necessary machinery, production capacity, needed raw material and inputs, computer system(s) and human resources plans. Accordingly and based on quantitative selection criteria, the most suitable site was chosen. This study also identifies the impact on society and environment. The economic feasibility study recognizes the financial resources needed to channelize and operate the business and calculates all the economic performance indicators for the project.


Feasibility Study; Restaurant; Brioche.

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