Several Chaotic Approaches of One Dimensional Doubling Map

Md. Zakir Hosen, Md. Mohiuddin Zillu, Payer Ahmed


In this paper, we study basic dynamical behavior of one-dimensional Doubling map. Especially emphasis is given on the chaotic behaviors of the said map. Several approaches of chaotic behaviors by some pioneers it is found that the Doubling map is chaotic in different senses. We mainly focused on Orbit Analysis, Sensitivity to Initial Conditions, Sensitivity to Numerical Inaccuracies, Trajectories and Staircase Diagram of the Doubling map. The graphical representations show that this map is chaotic in different senses. The behavior of the said map is found irregular, that is, chaotic.


Approaches; Orbit; Sensitivity; Staircase Diagram; Trajectories; Transitivity.

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