Repair and Maintenance Cost Analysis of John Deere 5403 Tractor in the Gambia

Tchotang Théodore, Lucien MEVA’A, Bienvenu Kenmeugne, Pa Tamba Jammeh


The paper presents an approach for deriving a mathematical model that predict repair and maintenance (R&M) cost of farm tractors in The Gambia. As John Deere (JD) tractors are widely used by Gambian farmers, a study was conducted to predict accumulated repair & maintenance costs (Y) of the two-wheel drive (2WD) JD-5403 tractor based on accumulated working hours (X). In order to determine the mathematical model for the studied tractor, regression analysis using knowledge based analytical software (SPSS STATISTICS 21 and Excel 2016 version) was performed on the calculated data generating five regression models: linear, logarithmic, polynomial, power and exponential. The statistical results showed that the polynomial model gave better cost prediction with higher confidence and less variation than other models. Finally, it was established that repair and maintenance cost increased with an increase in working hours of JD-5403 tractor.


Statistical analysis; R&M cost; 2WD-Tractor; JD-5403; The Gambia.

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