Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Poultry Manure and Orange Peel through Thermal Pre-Treatments in Batch Fermentation

Misgana Lami, Meseret Chimdessa


Biogas production decreases environmental pollution through decomposing organic wastes and positively affects the socio-economy of the society. With the aim of producing biogas from co-digestion of Poultry Manure (PM) and Orange Peel (OP) a series of experiments were carried out for 21 consecutive days. Five different proportions of PM and OP (100%PM, 75%MP+25%OP, 50%PM+50%OP, 25%PM+75%OP, 100%OP) were used to obtain the suitable mix ratio (which gives maximum biogas production). Having determined the optimum mix ratio, temperature pre-treatment at 60 and 80 oC were applied to compare the results with those obtained with non-pre-treated waste. Cumulative biogas production obtained from 75%PM+25%OP was 768ml, whereas 218.33ml was measured from 100%OP. Increasing the proportion of OP above 25% decreased the amount of gas production, volatile solids (VS) and total solids (TS) reduction. This indicated that addition of PM to mix ratios improves biogas production. Thus 75%PM+25%OP mix was found to be the optimum mix ratio which resulted in high biogas yield. In thermal pre-treatments, maximum cumulative gas production was measured at 80 ºC pre-treated substrate. It exceeded by 11.7% and 6.6% over the control and the 60 ºC pre-treated sample respectively. Overall the results indicated that the biogas yield and VS and TS reduction of the 75%PM+25%OP mix ratio can be enhanced with the use of thermal pre-treatments prior to anaerobic digestion.


Anaerobic Digestion; Biogas; Co-digestion; Pre-treatments; Total solids; Volatile solids; D-limonene.

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