SWOT Analysis of Mentees for Productive Mentoring in Tertiary Education: Perspective Bangladesh

Shamima Sultana


At the tertiary level, the mentoring involves academic guidance and self awareness . The purpose of this study was to explore how first-semester to eighth semester Bangladeshi  mentees  (students) can be involved in a year-long mentoring program at a private university through the SWOT analysis. Thirty-eight undergraduate Bangladeshi students of a private university were surveyed at the beginning of the productive mentoring program. Findings revealed the majority of  mentees  regarded the mentoring  program as worthwhile and they are very eager to know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and   their threats as a positive start. Some first-semester students who were paired with older students had a mixed experience. Implications for mentoring programs using a amalgamation of faculty, staff, and experienced mentors are discussed.


SWOT; mentoring; mentees; productive; undergraduate.

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