New Permittivity Measurement from Surface of Sea to 5500 m Depth of Sea using Sea Water Real Time Data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(USA)

Muhammadabbas Khan, PIAO Yan


In this paper we used modified version of  Ellison et al model 1998 for Permittivity  measurements of sea water , in past this model is used as a reference model  for permittivity measurements of sea water .The only demerit of this model is that it used Debye model  interpolation function” ε (t,s,v) “ on 3 GHz fixed frequency and used unchanged salinity concentration of sea water ,which is not feasible in practical because salinity of sea water  varies with each depth of sea due to changeable inorganic compounds concentrations  like, Potassium nitrate ,sodium chlorides, and magnesium sulfate concentrations .The Ellison et al model 1998  are also not used for permittivity measurement at depth of sea water ,it used data as a supposition, practical or real time data is not used in it. In this paper we bring some changes to Ellison et al model 1998 and used Debye model interpolation function  ” ε (t,s,v) “ on 2-40 GHz frequency and used varying salinity and Temperature from National centers for environmental information ,which is mostly called National oceanic and atmospheric administration (USA).which comprises of real time data in form of temperature and salinity from surface of sea to depth of 5500 m . we used Mat lab as a simulation tool to find the permittivity of sea water from surface of sea to depth of 5500 m.


salinity; Temperature; conductivity; inorganic compounds; permittivity.

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