Renewable Energy Source from Natural Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Matters

Abdulkobi Parsokhonov


Worldwide energy consumption is increasing year by year decreasing limited non-renewable sources. In spite of that the electrical energy produced from renewable sources is growing gradually, its amount is not enough yet and we are far from rejecting use of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel. Furthermore, combustion of these fuels is accompanied by emission of hazardous substances. The new method of generating energy from renewable sources is presented. Expansion and contraction of matters by changing in environment temperature is lying on the basis of technique. It is known that the enormous forces and pressures occur by thermal expansion of solids and liquids respectively. The ways of application these forces and pressures to produce useful energy is suggested. The mathematical model of device created in Matlab. Very slow thermal movement of matters can be amplified by thousands and even much more times in three stages and converted into mechanical and electrical energy. The power of unit can be chosen from several watt/hours to dozens of megawatt/hours. The device made by suggested method can work round-the-clock and year-round due to day and night temperature difference. Preliminary evaluations show that the expected efficiency is almost 60%. It makes possible to provide with the electricity remote farms in rural areas. Big differences in night and day temperatures show for possibility of use such devices in space conditions. Cool water of sea and oceans can afford use of them in ships also.   


contraction; electricity; expansion; thermal.

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