Experimental Research on Natural Pozzolan as Cement Replacement

Tin Ni Ni Ko, Dr. Nilar Aye


This paper presents the properties of motor and concrete with natural pozzolan as partial replacement of cement. In this research, natural pozzolan from Twin Taung, Sagaing Region and local cement (Crown) are used. Firstly, chemical composition of natural pozzolan and Crown cement are analysed. And then the physical properties of local materials used in this research are determined according to ASTM procedure. Partial replacement percentages of pozzolan are considered 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%.The strength of motor and concrete with natural pozzolan (0%,10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%) is tested at 7 days,28 days and 91days. From the trial mix design, the water-cement ratio (0.555) is obtained by using the least square method. To get target strength (4000 psi), by using water cement ratio (0.555) and 68% of maximum aggregate size (20 mm), the concrete mix proportion (1:1.9:3) is obtained.The compressive strength of concrete with various percentages of natural pozzolan at 60 days and 91 days are more than 7 days and 28 days strength. Therefore, it can be concluded that natural pozzolan may be used as cement replacement material when it is not required high strength performance in structures.


natural pozzolan; physical properties; partial replacement; mortar; concrete; strength.

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