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Strategic Planning for Capacity Building Production and Salt Farmer in Region of Surabaya City East Java Indonesian

Bagiyo Suwasono, Ali Munazid, Sapto J Poerwowidagdo, Ahmad Najid


Currently Indonesian society's view of the activities considered as industrial salt production less profitable and does not require any skill level. Survey activity is conducted in the North Surabaya City. Determination of the strengthening of the model strategy using SWOT-AHP combined method with involving respondents from salt farmers, landless, Department of Agriculture Surabaya. The results showed that the strengthening of the strategic plan which will be progressively is Comparative Advantage Strategy, where the implementation of the plan to strengthen the productivity of salt and salt farmers in the Surabaya City, include: (1) Method innovation of Maduris plus in the production of salt land, (2) salt purification technology innovation of the people through appropriate technology, (3) the ability to diversify the products of salt, including salt, salt of various food, molten salt and the salt industry, and (4) the ability to access working capital through the strengthening of cooperative salt Surabaya.


production of salt; salt farmers; SWOT-AHP; strengthening strategy

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