Planning Human Resources Management, Development and Training of Staff, and Their Impact on Organizational Performance, in the Iraq Oil Companies Sector

Jawad Al-Frijawy, Constantin Militaru, Sergiu Tonoiu


This paper aims to study the planning, training and development of human resources and its impact on the organizational performance of the Iraqi oil companies. Factors affecting HR planning, training and development were examined. The study population, composed of staff from the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Oil, included 100 people surveyed. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed and distributed a survey and data collection and analysis using EXCEL. The overall analysis was carried out based on meta-statistics and correlation analysis. The results showed that human resource management, training and development planning are closely related to organizational performance in the Ministry of Oil. Paper presented recommendations for improving human resources in the Iraq Ministry of Oil.


human resources management; organizational performance; oil companies; development and training of employees.

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