Rare Radicular form of Dens Invaginatus

Vladimira Schwartzová, Peter Kizek, Harich Peter, Schwartzová Zuzana


Dens invaginatus is one of developmental malformations of teeth, which most commonly affects permanent maxillary lateral incisors. The incidence is rare in our population. The malformation has a wide array of morphological varieties, which usually cause a rapid dental pulp necrosis. Endodontic therapy is very difficult. The authors describe the etiology, classification, incidence, diagnostics and treatment of this anomaly. In this work they also describe a case of the rare radicular form of this tooth anomaly in a 11-year-old girl. Towards the end, the authors put emphasis on thorough examination of lateral permanent incisors shortly after eruption, which can help detect this anomaly in time.


developmental malformation teeth; dens anomaly; dens in dente.

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