Study of Present Scenario of Power Sector in Bangladesh and Proposal to Minimize Losses for Increasing Efficiency

Md. Ashiquzzaman, Moyazzemm Hossain, Kazi Farjana Nasrin


In this research work, an overview of present power sector of Bangladesh has been discussed with some important proposals for getting maximum efficiency in power generation based on the perspective of Bangladesh. Combination of Duel fuel engine system and Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) should be established in every power station for getting higher efficiency. Whereas, power plants have limitation of fuel in Bangladesh, so that the duel fuel system is very effective for every power station. Besides, the micro-grid concept with renewable energy has been proposed for establishing more effective power system in Bangladesh and for rural development. In this research work, various statistics of generation from different types of running power station, their efficiency, power demand, installed capacity, deficiency of power, power plant under construction and the future plan of the govt. in power sector have been discussed. The present billing scenario has been also listed for getting an idea from the customers’ point of view. A short list has been shown of different types of transmission & distribution losses, overall system losses of Bangladesh & besides, few important proposals of minimizing losses are also included in this research work.


power generation; transmission; distribution; system; loss; capacity.

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