A Study on Laddering Effect Embedded in Fully Fashioned Knitwear Using Polyester Yarn

Md. Monirul Islam (Rajib), Md Nasimul Goni, Arpon Kumar Kundu


Fully fashioned Knitwear is the most common apparel for cold countries. We can produce versatile fashions in fully fashioned knitwear by changing machine set ups. Since people are increasingly looking for new and appealing fashions, we are to invent new and attractive designs by changing garment color, shape, line, balance, manufacturing process etc. In this research project, we have tried to bring a newly developed design on fully fashioned knitwear by introducing a laddering effect using polyester yarn. This design has been produced to increase aesthetic value of the garment to catch the attention of fashion conscious consumers.  


Polyester; Laddering; Fully Fashioned Knitwear; Aesthetic etc.

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