Influence of Contractors’ Financial Capacity on Performance of Road Construction in Kakamega County

Timothy Akali, Yona Sakaja


The purpose of this study was to establish the influence of contractors’ financial capacity on performance of road construction projects in Kakamega County, Kenya. The objectives of the study were: To establish the influence of contractors’ financial capacity on performance of road construction. The study adopted descriptive survey design and the sample size of 135 (102 contractors and 33 supervising engineers) were obtained from a population of 203 employees using the Yamane (1967) formula. Stratified random sampling was applied in selecting the respondents. Data was collected through questionnaires and interview schedule and was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and thematic were applied to analyze data. Descriptive statistics utilized mean and standard deviation. Content validity was used to test validity and was subjected to scrutiny by the research supervisor and discussing with lecturers. Test-retest was used to establish the level of reliability of the research tools by administering questionnaires were administered to a sample of 10 respondents (7 road contractors and 3 supervising engineers) through dividing the sample randomly into halves in different occasions. Cronbach’s Alpha was used to test reliability which revealed that the alpha coefficient of 0.754; hence reliable. Tables were used to present qualitative data while themes were used present qualitative data. Inferential statistics was used to explore the nexus between the independent variable and the dependent variables. To ensure that project financing does not affect successful completion and performance of road construction project the researcher recommended that enough finances should be set aside for the project before it commences. Highly qualified and experienced road contractors with a relevant experience and technical skills should be hired to implement road projects. In order to increase job-site productivity, it is beneficial to select equipment with the proper characteristics and a size most suitable for the work conditions at a construction site.

Road contractors should frequently hold site meetings to help in timely completion of road projects. Road contractors should regularly attend training to enable them to acquire problem solving skills and techniques so as to improve quality management of road projects.


financial capacity; performance.

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