Design and implementation of an interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic and type-1 fuzzy logic controls for Magnetic Levitation System

Ahmed A. Oglah, Samara H. Abed Al-Hady


The aim of this paper is the synthesis of an interval type-2 fuzzy logic PID and type-1 fuzzy logic controllers for magnetic levitation system to keep a metal ball suspended in mid-air by changing the field strength of an electromagnet coil, Performances of the suggestion controller are estimated and compared that controller with those of type-1 fuzzy logic PID controller by using the same structure and under similar operating conditions. Simulation results showed that the interval type-2 fuzzy logic PID controller has better performances than those of type-1fuzzy logic PID controller. The parameters of PID controller have been modifying through particle swarm optimization (PSO).The simulation of magnetic levitation system based on its Mathematical model is carried out in MATLAB.


Magnetic Levitation System; Maglev; Interval Type-2 Fuzzy logic; IT2FLC.

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