Perspectives on Globalization Paradigm: The Struggle to Build a Better Society

Hemantha Kumara N.V.G.A


The main purpose of this article is to ascertain the phenomena of the globalization as a paradigm shift from historical times to modern times. This paradigm shift can be traced through an analysis of the ideology of the globalization march. World society has shifted from medieval era to modern age through a transnational period in which appears a juncture called as the stage of Enlightenment. At this stage, these arose an ideology as to develop a ‘perfect man’ for the upliftment to a better human society. According to long discourse erupted as to find out such an exemplary person could be created either by the Marxist socialist way. Marxist ideology has pointed out that such a noble human might only be created by a socialist social system. Marxist perspective advocates that the highest stage of their social system would be realized in a universal communist society. However, the capitalist way of social system advocates that a perfect manhood could be improved within the capitalist system. Anyhow, the world society has now climbed up to the topmost point of that long discourse by 1990 decade. This is the commencement of modern stage of the globalization process. At this stage, it has been pointed out, that the ‘perfect man’ is none other than the ‘realistic man’ as has been developed by the modern globalization march.


Enlightenment; Globalization; Noble Man; Paradigm Shift; Perfect Man.

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