Growing the Renewable Energy Potential in Developing Countries

Layth Hazim Majid, Hamid Hazim Majid, Hussein Fawzi Hussein


The world is facing major challenges in providing energy services to the future needs of the developed world and in particular the growing needs of the developing countries. The challenge is enhanced by the need to provide these energy services with due to climate change effects and specifically the emission reduction targets of the Kyoto Protocol and subsequently to the even stricter targets expected to be agreed for the years ahead (post Kyoto targets). Recent research shows that a sustainable development focus can facilitate a path that both ensures economic development and meets concerns about the environment, but this will require major shifts compared with present policies and finance decisions. The aim of this article is to present new developments and trends in energy technologies which may become main contributors to the energy scene in 15 to 20 years.


renewable energy sources; fossil fuels; Kyoto agreement; sustainability issues; clean energy; carbon footprint; environmental sustainability engineering.

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