Audit of Frequent Breakdown of Metro Mass Transit Limited Buses at the Tamale Depot

Jacob Nkrumah, Sulemana Yahaya, Imoro Issifu


The study required to investigate the causes of frequent breakdown of Metro Mass Transit Limited buses at the Tamale depot in Ghana. A cross-sectional survey design with quantitative data was gathered for the study. The population of the study comprised all the twenty (20) mechanics of Metro Mass, thirty (30) randomly selected drivers of Metro mass and a stratified sampling method was used to select 200 passengers of Metro Mass from some ten selected districts in the Northern Region of Ghana making a total population of 250 for the study. Self-administered questionnaires were used to solicit information from participants. The findings of the study revealed that bad maintenance culture had contributed to the frequent breakdown of metro mass transit limited buses at the Tamale depot. The study therefore recommended that, the company should prepare a good maintenance policy for all their depots across the country Ghana.  


Frequent; Breakdown; Audit; Transit; Maintenance cost; Depot.

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