LMS Based Adaptive Algorithm for Breast Cancer Detection using Mammogram Images

Hafeez Ahmed, Abdul Haseeb


According to the annual report published by American Cancer Society (ACS) in 2018, about 0.3 million women are diagnosed with the deadly disease of breast cancer, among them, 40,000 were died due to breast cancer. For early detection of breast cancer, mammography screening is the most widely used method. It can improve survival rates. The sensitivity of mammogram depends upon the quality of the X-ray image. During acquisition and screening process the image is corrupted by noise, which can lead to the wrong diagnosis or minor tumors may not be marked by the radiologist. Moreover, due to low contrast nature of mammogram images, detection of specific diagnostic signs like masses and microcalcifications is a challenging problem. To cop up with this type of errors and discrepancies, computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tools along with mammogram images is the only way forward. The advancement in the field of information and computing technology coupled with efficient image processing algorithms explores new ways for early detection of the breast tumor and image enhancement. In this paper, we have evaluated the performance of state of the art adaptive algorithm i.e. LSM combined with the connected components technique for the enhancement and segmentation of mammogram and detection of masses or lesions respectively. Additionally, we considered feature vector based on gray features i.e. gray value, window mean and standard deviation, which describes the extraction area i.e. region of interest (ROI). Results are evaluated in terms of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. Proposed system exhibited encouraging results of 80% accuracy in the detection of clustered masses and tumors. The mammogram images used in our research are taken from Digital Database for Screening Mammograms (DDSM).


Breast Cancer; Mammography; Computer Aided Diagnosis/Detection; Adaptive Algorithms; Image Enhancement.

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