Study of Optical Response of Gold Nanoclusters Deposited on Polymer Substrates: Influence of in Situ Mechanical Deformation

S. ElJoumani, M. Idiri, M. Alhajjaji, A. Tahiri, B. Boubeker


Nanomaterials are the building blocks of today’s nanoscience and nanotechnology. Due to the distinct features of the nanomaterials, their utilization in the application sectors has increased. The field of metal nanocluster has been studied with increasing interest in the past few years. In this context, we study the influence of mechanical deformation on the optical transmittance of gold nanoclusters deposited on polymer substrate the polyurethane Clear Flex® 50 during in situ tensile test.


Nanomaterials; gold nanoclusters; polymer substrate; transmittance; in situ tensile test.

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