The Presence of Metabolic Syndrome Components in Obese Female Subjects in General Population

Christina Ruslany


The percentage of overweight/ obese adult female in Indonesia in 2008 was 25% and 6.9%, consecutively. Metabolic syndrome associates with increase in all-cause mortality, increase risk of some cancers in adult and postmenopausal female, diabetes melitus and cardiovascular disease in elderly. NCD deaths account for 34% of overall annual deaths in SEAR countries, and more than 55% in Indonesia. Little known about MetS and the existence of its components among obese adult females in general population. This study aims to evaluate metabolic syndrome components in obese female subjects from general population. This cross sectional study conducted in Medan-North Sumatra. The subjects had no history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes melitus, nor taking medication for treatment. Subjects recruited consecutively with purposive sampling. Body height, body weight, blood pressure, laboratory examination for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and fasting plasma glucose levels were measured. Subjects are 24 obese female adults, age between 30-61 year, waist circumference 92.0-43.0 cm, and body mass index ranges from 30.18-56.20 kg /m2.  Study found that 18 (75.0%) subjects were with metabolic syndrome (MetS), and 6 (25.0%) subjects were not metabolic syndrome (NMetS). In MetS subjects, the component found were low HDLc levels (in 70.8%), raised TG levels (58.3%), raised FPG levels (41.7%), and increased BP (33.3%). In NMets subjects, components found were increased BP (found in 12.5%), and low HDLc levels (in 8.3%). In this study, obese female subjects experienced MetS and NMetS, the components found were decreased HDLc levels, increase in TG levels, FPG levels, and BP.  


metabolic syndrome; obesity; female.

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