Application of an Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Solving n×m Flow Shop Scheduling Problem Comparing it with Branch and Bound Algorithm and Tabu Search Algorithm

Md. Humayan Ahmed, Romana Rahman Ema, Tajul Islam, Rana M Pir


Emergence of advance manufacturing systems such as CAD/CAM, FMS and CIM etc. has increased the importance of the flow shop scheduling. Flow shop scheduling problem is considered NP-hard for m machines and n jobs. In this paper, we develop an efficient genetic algorithm (EGA) for solving n flow shop scheduling problem with makespan as the criterion. The objective of this proposed EGA is to obtain a sequence of jobs and the minimization of the total completion time and waiting time. For finding optimal solution, this EGA is very effective. In large scale problems, the result of the proposed algorithm shows that the efficient genetic algorithm gives high performance comparing with Branch and Bound algorithm and Tabu search algorithm.


Flow shop scheduling; Efficient genetic algorithm (EGA); Makespan; Branch and Bound algorithm; C++ code; Tabu search algorithm.

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