Assessment of the Perception of Quality of Worklife and Stress among the Staff of an Aerospace Company in Morocco

Sabrine Battal, Saida Toufik


This epidemiological study aims to assess the perception of the level of occupational stress and quality of worklife (QWL) in the staff of an aerospace company in Morocco. A valid questionnaire is administrated to the staff and filled in autonomously and anonymously.In this study, perception of QWL seem to be affected by gender, indeed prevalence of a satisfying QWL is noticed to be higher for men. QWL is also affected by education level, respondents with a level of education of 3 years or higher have a better perception of QWL with a prevalence of 72%.The respondents asserted high job demand scores, high decisions latitude, as well as a significant support from colleagues. According to Karasek, this positive configuration places the individual in an "active" and not "high strain" position. On the other hand, monetary recognition is considered to be unsatisfactory according to respondents, thereby raising an imbalance in the (effort / reward) balance, leading to a possible presence of stress according to the Siegrist model.


Quality of worklife; occupational stress; aerospace company; Morocco.

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