The Development of a New Rhombic Array in Electrical Resistivity Prospecting

Mohammad Ibrahim Abdul-Razzak


A new array of four electrodes, placed at the corners of a Rhomb or Diamond shape consisting of two equilateral triangles, having equal sides with a short diagonal of the same length as the side and a long diagonal with length equal to (√3) times  the side length has been developed and described.This array exhibits different layout shapes according to the position of the short diagonal (a) with respect to the traverse line, which is normal to the strike of the body.As no previous study of this new system had been carried out, tank analogue experiments over high resistivity, concealed model was considered, and a field test was carried out to prove its usefulness.The objective of this model experiment is to study, examine and assess the behavior, response and sensitivity of different orientation Rhombic systems over such model, in order to establish the best layout, which can be used for further experiment studies and fieldwork investigation.However, and by comparison the new system with the most conventional one (Wenner array), the results obtained in the field tests by the Rhombic array have its higher performance and superiority over the Wenner with regards to anomaly shape, magnitude and position when a vertical body was conducted, (i. e the signal is quite improved).


Geophysics; Electric; Development; New Array.

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