Autonomous Parallel Parking of a Car-Like Mobile Robot with Geometric Path Planning

Soe Yu Maung Maung, Yin Yin Aye, Nu Nu Win


With the advancement of technology making everything so convenient in these days and ages, autonomous system is very interesting area in the innovating technology. One of the advanced booming technologies for the improvement of human race is autonomous taxi mobile transportation system. It is working well in a district area but it still thrives on making more comfortable. This research will be one point of supporting roles for automobile in parallel parking. An autonomous parallel parking of a car-like mobile robot has been developed in this study. The ultrasonic range sensors are used to detect the working environments and design an s-shaped trajectory between two parallel parked vehicles. One trail maneuver system is used to be moving along the s-shaped trajectory parking path. The s-shaped trajectory is purely based on the geometric approach path planning method. The proposed method is not dependent on the initial pose of the robot but it must be parallel with the parking space. Sensor data are used as the main decision part to change the parking states instance of to find the parking space and adjust robot orientation. Fuzzy filter is applied to stabilize the sensor data and give a quick response input. The working environment is constrained by the wall and sensor arrangement. Visual studio 2013 is used for the user interface window. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated through some experimental results with a car-like mobile robot.


Parallel parking; Geometric path planning; Car-like mobile robot; S-shaped trajectory; One trail.

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