A Mobile BS and Multi-Hop LEACH-C Extension for WSNs

Mohamed Elsayed M. Hassan, Nesreen I. Ziedan


It is critical for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to have an uninterrupted power source. Increasing the lifetime of WSNs will require employing an energy preservation mechanism. In many WSN applications, sensors are used to detect events and collect environmental data, which are then delivered to a sink node or a base station node (BS) through a communication link. Sensors consume energy during wireless data communication, which is higher than the computational energy. This paper proposes an enhanced LEACH-C protocol that manages the network energy consumption and prolongs sensors lifetime. The proposed protocol is named Leach-C Multihop and Mobile (LEACH-CM). The proposed LEACH-CM protocol distributes the energy consumption between the network nodes and enables more data to be transmitted over a WSN. The proposed LEACH-CM protocol is simulated in the NS2 simulation, which is supported by the μ-AMPS project and is developed by MIT researchers. The simulation result shows that the proposed LEACH-CM protocol can decrease the energy consumption, and increase the amount of transmitted data compared to the LEACH-C protocol. Furthermore, the LEACH-CM protocol outperforms the LEACH-C protocol when comparing the dead time of the first node, which is a good indication of network stability.


Wireless sensor networks; Network lifetime; LEACH-C; K-means; Clustering; Mobility.

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