A Study on Waste Management and Minimization in Ready Made Garments (rmg) Industry

Ishrat Jahan


The exigency of garment waste reducing, recycling and disposal management is motivated by the increasing cost and decreasing availability of dumping area and the diminish of natural resources. The raw materials in various combinations undergo different processes during production and are converted to finished goods. The residue left out after each process during production remains waste. The aim of this study was to identify the current solid waste reducing, recycling and disposal practices of the ready made garments industry and to determine their attitude and willingness towards recycling, their perception of the feasibility thereof, barriers to recycling and marketing strategies that would be appropriate for products made from recycled materials. Waste Management is the human control of the collection, treatment and disposal of different wastes. Some components of waste have economic value and can be recycled once correctly recovered. The most important barriers to recycling are lack of equipment and technology, lack of materials to recycle and lack of consumer awareness. The compositions of different wastes have varied over time and location, with industrial development and innovation being directly linked to waste materials.


Garment Industry; Garment Waste; Waste managemnet; Waste Recycling.

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