Involute Gear Tooth Stresses Analysis Using Finite Element Modeling

Noaman Bekheet


The bending and surface stresses of gear tooth are major factor for failure of gear. Pitting is a surface fatigue failure due to repetitions of high contact stresses. This paper presented analysis of bending and contact stresses of involute teeth of spur gear in meshing. The involute profile of spur gear has been modeled and the simulation is carried out for analysis of stresses and deformation. 2D and 3D models are simulated. The tooth involute is designed from which the tooth is extruded to form the 3D models of spur gear. The simulation is done by finite element software package ANSYS Workbench 16.2. These stresses are also estimated using AGMA bending and contact stresses equations for comparison. The results show that the 2D model is more accurate than the 3D.   Care must be taken when selecting the type of contact condition since the results are very sensitive to it.  Also it is found that the elastic modulus of the material is greatly affecting the contact stresses. Poor accuracy is achieved for the bending stresses while the contact stress shows very accurate results. 


Spur gear; bending stress; contact Stress; ANSYS.

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