An Investigation and Intervention on Challenges Faced by Natural Science Teachers When Conducting Practical Work in Three Selected School of Zambezi Region in Namibia

Chako Kasiyo, Desalu Denuga, Muzwa Mukwambo


Practical work in science is acknowledged and widely accepted as an important component in teaching and learning. However, in the Zambezi region, it has been discovered that some primary schools find it difficult to engage their learners in practical work. As a result, only a little or no practical work is conducted in some primary schools. The aim of this study is to investigate the challenges faced by teachers in conducting practical work in selected primary schools in the Zambezi region. Interviews were conducted with Natural Science teachers in three selected primary schools in the rural areas to identify the challenges that they experienced in doing practical work in their lessons.  According to the data obtained from the participants, the results indicated that teachers faced challenges in conducting practical work in Natural science as there was: lack of apparatus and science laboratories, no time allocated for practical work on the school time-table and limited training on changes taking place in the education system. If the above challenges are to be taken care of, teachers will be able to do practical work effectively thus enhancing the performance of the learners and subsequently improving their results in Natural Science.


Practical work; Natural science; Laboratory; Apparatus and Challenges.

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