Comparative Efficacy of Acacia Honey and Aloe Vera Gel on Healing of Induced Lacerated Wound in Rabbits

Arsalan Khan, Khurram Ashfaq, Jalal ud Din, Amjad Ali, Ambrina Tariq, Sheeraz Ghani, Najeeb Ullah, Yasir Sulaman, Muhammad Farooq Ahmad


Wound is an injury as a result of trauma and break in the integrity of skin. For restoration of the continuity of skin, the disrupted skin and anatomical continuity should be managed appropriately for normal and efficient wound healing. Therefore, the study was designed to analyze the comparative efficacy of Acacia honey and Aloe vera gel on lacerated wound induced in rabbits. For this purpose, a total of 18 healthy male rabbits were selected and divided randomly into three groups i.e. Group A, B and C. Lacerated wounds were induced in these rabbits aseptically by sharp blunt scissor, post anesthetization with ketamine hydrochloride @40mg/kg body weight. Rabbits of group A were treated with commercially available Acacia honey applied topically twice daily, group B rabbits were treated with Aloe vera gel topically twice daily while group C served as control and treated with standard treatment pyodine. The efficacy of the treatments was evaluated in terms of wound contraction, wound healing, and tensile strength. Wound contraction was found higher in group A and B compared to group C and increased at day 10. Significant tensile strength was recorded in honey treated group. Healing time of group A and B was lower and statistically significant than the control. 


Acacia honey; Aloe vera; lacerated wound; tensile strength; wound healing.

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