Smart Grain Storage Monitor and Control

Said Mabrouk, Aya Abdelmonsef, Ahmed Toman


Although we are living in an era of fast development in the technology of monitoring and controlling in the field of storage houses, Egypt still suffers from a huge scandals in this field especially in field of wheat that considered to be the main source of nourishment in Egypt that the poor people who represents the majority, depends on. From this point the proposed system suggested a new technique that never implemented before in Egypt to face the problems of huge costs that reaches up to billions of pounds, also the illegal addition of false quantities of wheat and the uncontrollable of the environment inside storage houses. The new technique depends on measuring the level of grains inside silos through an efficient level sensors and monitoring the environment through environmental sensors, all these parameters will be sent periodically to the main station via GSM module, and will be displayed automatically on the LCD. Through this device we tried to decrease the human interface and decrease any manipulation and fraud that is available in the current alternative systems.


Smart monitor and control; Grain houses; Silos; Monitoring and controlling silos; Wheat corruption; Solutions to monitor and control silos in Egypt.

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