Social Security Needs Solidarity

Sabri Gashi


When social security charges, as responsible for the poor economic growth and employment, it is wrong in choosing someone to blame. Social security is more a victim than the cause of economic hardship is a fact in all countries. Is it the fault of the Social Security if in most developed countries, technological advances and pressing to increased competition internationally established to take to produce more with less labor, while they work, which is not released as right. Social Security's fault if the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe generator market economy, inflation and unemployment. Social insurance mistake is when massive capital movements, destabilize the exchange rate. Is the fault of social insurance in the event that the export price in some developing countries is vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices for raw materials. A social security fault if many developing countries are victims of the countries in debt crisis. Is it a sin if social security are increasingly open to international trade which reflects the loss of autonomy of national economic and social policies. Social security needs solidarity only allowing funds better social welfare, but are also less exposed to criticism and serve as an important protection against possible attempts to privatize. 


social; security; human right; fiscal; finance; solidarity end risks.

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