The Consequence of Backward Linkage of RMG Sector in Bangladesh - an Overview

A T M Mohibullah, Umme Magreba Takebira, Sabbir Ahmed Abir, Farhana Jannat


In the context of Bangladesh backward linkages are playing the major role, as in the global apparel market buyers place order with competitive pricing along with the shortest possible lead time. So, to sustain  with the other countries in the open market economy this RMG is facing too many challenges due to lack of industrial exposure in our economy and the sector cannot get adequate support from backward linkage industries. On that note most of the cases we need to depend on the external sources for the raw materials. The purpose of the study is to identify the current status of backward linkages of RMG sector in Bangladesh and also how we can improve the conditions of backward linkages compared to the demand. The research contains the condition of backward linkage industries in Bangladesh, the barriers of RMG sector, the findings and solutions of those barriers and last but not the least the opportunities of this growing industry. The research is focusing on how the backward linkage industries help RMG sector to meet the buyer's lead time and what the initiatives should be taken to set up more backward linkage industries for being more competitive in the open market economy.


Backward Linkage; Global Market; Industries; Raw-Materials; RMG; Sustain.

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