Design and Performance Evaluation of Smart Job First Dynamic Round Robin (SJFDRR) Scheduling Algorithm with Smart Time Quantum

Amit Kumar Gupta, Dr. Narendra Singh Yadav, Dr. Dinesh Goyal


Round Robin scheduling is mostly used CPU scheduling algorithm; it gives better result in comparison to other scheduling algorithm. But this algorithm may lead many problems directly related to time quantum. If selected time quantum is large, then the response time of the processes may be too high. On the other hand, if time quantum is short, it increases the number of context switch which may lead overhead of the CPU. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm, called SJFDRR, based on a new approach called dynamic-time-quantum; the idea of this approach  is to make the CPU Scheduler arrange the process in ascending order on the burst time and assign the system priority and calculate a smart priority factor ‘SPF’ for each process. The process having the smallest ‘SPF’ value will be scheduled first. The time quantum is calculated dynamically. Based on the analysis, we show that the new proposed algorithm (SJFDRR) solves the fixed time quantum problem and increases the performance of Round Robin.


Operating Systems; Multi Tasking; Scheduling Algorithm; Time Quantum; Round Robin.

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