Is Apolitical Endeavor Desirable in Local Government Authorities Today?

Elizabeth Landa


This article aimed at ascertaining the role of councilors in enhancing public service delivery in local government authorities with an experience from selected wards at Kinondoni Municipal Council. Politico-administrative relations in provision of public services in most African countries termed as a quest for development and still desirable today. In attempt to that, this article assessed whether an ingredient of political bodies in the structure of local government authorities in Tanzania enhance effective service delivery or not. The study employed a case study design where questionnaire, key informant interview and documentary review were used to gather data. The study revealed that councilors’ capacity to deliver public services depends on the budget allocation by sector, relationship with municipal permanent officers, quality or education level of councilors, and efforts to supervise development projects. Moreover, the findings found that the extent to access the identified public services differ among communities and lack of funds was singled out as the main reason for delivery failures.


Councilors; Local government authorities; Service delivery; Ward.

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