A New Modification of RSA Cryptosystem Based on The Number of The Private Keys

Hayder Raheem Hashim


The need of  the privacy for each person has encouraged cryptologists to create and modified  cryptosystems. However, the RSA cryptosystem is a secure public key cryptosystem, this paper focuses on modifying RSA cryptosystem by increasing the number of private keys. This modification can be applied over plaintext messages, plain matrices, however in this paper, I focuse on applying it particulary on matrices which are the corresponding matrices of images. A public key and private key are contained in this secure cryptosystem, and the security of its private key depends on the integer factorization problem. But, this only private key might be found by inspection. Therefore, this new modification gives the RSA cryptosystem a higher security, because it suggests a "k" number of distinct private keys. Therefore, this new modification makes the RSA cryptosystem more secure and a confidential public key cryptosystem.


Cryptography; public key cryptosystem; RSA cryptosystem.

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