The Impact of User Awareness on Successful Adoption of Decision Support System DSS in Developing Countries: The Context of Libyan Higher Education Ministry

Abubaker Kashada, Hongguang Li, Osama Kashadah



This research study aims to discuss and evaluate the effect of user awareness and other factors relating to the awareness to the successful adoption of the technology in the developing countries. The researcher employed the use of questionnaire for the collection of data from numerous users in an attempt to understand how the main factors of user awareness affects the successful adoption of DSS systems in the developing countries. This paper analyzes the data that was obtained from the research work. The paper will begin with a brief introduction and background of the study topic, continue with a section of analyzing and discussion, provide numerous recommendations based on the information obtained and conclude the paper.

The researcher employed the deductive method to generalize the responses of the sample participants. Being a quantitative research, the researcher will use the statistical method to analyze the data. The questionnaire was distributed to a sample of 180 respondents to collect primary data and based on the convenience sample of respondents; the response rate was approximately 92%. The purposive sample selection method enabled the researcher to achieve maximum information from a sample distributed among many numerous developing countries in the world. The results showed that low user awareness remains to be a major and a significant contributor to the low rate of adoption of decision support systems in the developing countries. 


Decision support systems; Adoption of decision support systems; Developing countries; User awareness; Successful adoption of decision support system; DSS.

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