A High Accurate Approximation for a Galactic Newtonian Nonlinear Model Validated by Employing Observational Data

U. Filobello-Nino, H. Vazquez-Leal, M. Sandoval-Hernandez, J. A. A. Perez-Sesma, A. Perez-Sesma, A. Sarmiento-Reyes, V. M. Jimenez-Fernandez, J. Huerta-Chua, D. Pereyra-Diaz, F. Castro-Gonzalez, J. R. Laguna-Camacho, A. E. Gasca-Herrera, J. E. Pretelin Canela, B. E. Palma-Grayeb, J. Cervantes-Perez, C. E. Sampieri-Gonzalez, L. Cuellar-Hernández, C. Hoyos-Reyes, R. Ruiz-Gomez, A. D. Contreras-Hernandez, O. Alvarez-Gasca, F. J. Gonzalez-Martinez


This article proposes Perturbation Method (PM) to solve nonlinear problems. As case study PM is employed to provide a detailed study of a nonlinear galactic model. Our approach is rather elementary and seeks to explain as much detail as possible the material of this work.

In particular our solution gives rise qualitatively, to the known flat rotation curves. In fact, we compare the numerical solution and the obtained approximation by employing observational data proving the validity and high accuracy of the model under study.


Perturbation method; nonlinear galactic model; flat rotation curves; approximated solutions.

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