A Feasibility Study for Snacks Manufacturing/Retailing Project in Saudi Arabia

Ghalib Anas Khashoggi (gakhashoggi@gmail.com)
Faculty of Engineering, King AbdulAziz University
March, 2017
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The main goal of this study is obtaining comprehensive and detailed information through a feasibility study for a confectionary factory located in Jeddah, which could answer the following question:
Will the idea of establishing a confectionary in Jeddah work and could we continue with this business idea?
The feasibility study will be divided by six main sections, which are: business strategy, marketing feasibility study, technical feasibility study, financial feasibility study, social and environmental feasibility study, and location and site feasibility study. In the marketing feasibility study all the needed information about supply and demand will be addressed. In addition, a detailed study on competitors is a major part of the marketing part. The technical feasibility study will help in identifying problems that could hinder the progress of our confectionary business and will list all the machinery needed for the business. The financial feasibility study will tell our investors and other important stakeholders as to identifying the resources that are essential for actual production and distribution purpose and for smooth running of our business and most importantly it will tell them wither the factory is going to make profits or not. After that, identification of best areas for the factory is going to be implemented in the location and site feasibility study. Finally, discussing the impact on the society and wither the factory is going to create jobs and it will also discuss the affect of the factory on the environment. For the more, the study will cover other areas, such as: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Marketing and advertising, and Human resource planning. In order to do the study a primary and secondary research needed to be accomplished, more than three hundred surveys had been distributed for understanding the customers and for marketing purposes.