Modeling and Simulation of High Speed Optical Fiber Communication System with OFDM

College of Physical Science & Technology, Central China Normal University
February, 2017
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The application of fiber optic transmission is possible in any area that requires
transfer of information from one place to another. However, the modern
telecommunications infrastructure is based on optical fibers for data transmission, due to
their higher bandwidth and low attenuation.
There is a real need for data rates of 100Gbit/s and beyond in the access, enterprise,
metro, regional and long haul markets. Therefore, next generation transmission systems
must be employed, otherwise the optical infrastructure will become overloaded and
exceed its current capacity.
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is considered as a promising
technology to satisfy the increased demand for bandwidth in broadband services.
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing gained a grate attention in the optical
communication community, especially after proposed as the attractive long haul
transmission format in coherent detection and direct detection. OFDM has the ability to
overcome many optical fiber restrictions such as chromatic dispersion (CD) and
polarization mode dispersion (PMD). Moreover, integrating the coherent optical OFDM
with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems will provide the transmission
system with a high bandwidth, a significant data rates, and a high spectral efficiency.
WDM systems help to enhance the capacity and data rate by sending multiple
wavelengths over a single fiber.
This research focuses on the implementation and performance analysis of high data
rate direct and coherent optical OFDM for long haul transmission. The study starts with a
single user and extends to the implementation of the OFDM-WDM system for
100Gbits/s. Optisystem simulation tool is used to design and implement the system. The
system is used for carrying range of data start from 10Gbits/s with direct detection to
100Gbits/s with OFDM-WDM, QAM is used as a modulation type for the OFDM signal,
I/Q modulation is employed at the transmitter, direct and coherent detection is used at the
receiver. Three parameters were tested to study the performance of the system and the
quality of the signal. These parameters are the Q factor, the bit error rate and the eye