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Adam Sherman

Bio Statement Happy birthday images. I knew a man with big blue doll eyes. This is not unusual, but I basically appreciate the dark, mysterious look. Mine is almost black and difficult to interpret. "Typical Sicilian," he said, and I forgot to ask him anything, drove the strange blue of my faith, and sank in his wink, which was like a wave. Salty, stormy and wonderfully refreshing. Sometimes she knocked me down, she was huge and could hurt. But I plunged into it without wanting to repent.

Happy birthday images. I knew a man who could laugh, make me laugh, and ask how many stars there were. I said "quite a lot", and he said I'd forgotten two, that would not be an education gap. I liked his beautiful body, slim, trained. He could no longer really use him. To his regret and regret, he became weaker, more defiant, more inscrutable. His anger at the illness, which made him unstable and angry, became as familiar to me as anything that makes me dive in the dark. I gasp for air, strampele because I want to live together with him, maybe somewhere and somewhere, but there is no strong hand pulling me to the surface.

Happy birthday images. I had not experienced him healthy, of his strength, which he wanted to bring back, I could only dream. My love was not easy, but honest. Blauauge went without saying goodbye. In my thoughts, I go hand in hand with him, I smell him, breathe the man, get lost with my fingers in his breast-like hair, which I loved, though I like it smooth and naked. Never with him. I wished I could see the blind. I wanted him back, just as he was, in a way out of Nirvana, which has no place for me.

Happy birthday images. I loved this man who would have liked to walk hand in hand with me as naturally as we know it and believe it is like the normal hunger which is satisfied to our satisfaction. He told me about his stars and gave me the sand, salt, and the sun, which is now my best friend, without asking for anything. Once we danced together. Bumpy, stiff and yet so wonderful. I think of him and I know I'll see him again. Young, birthday images hopeful and happy, as I expect. and I am old and tired. But I recognize him and smile at him. I look in blue doll eyes, and he looks timidly past me. Then I wink at him, and he winks awkwardly back, without knowing why.