A Comparative Study on the Level of Depression between Older Women Living in Retirement Homes in the City of Tirana and Those Living with Their Families in Tirana As Well

Lorenc Barjami


This paper/study examines the level of depression that exists between older women who live in different retirement homes in the city of Tirana in Albania and those who live with their families in Tirana as well. The methodology used for the compilation of this paper/study is predominantly quantitative, based on a sample of 100 older women.  The 40 per cent of the sample lives in different retirement homes across the city of Tirana, while the other 60 per cent live with their families. Intentionally, and for the purposes of the study, it was chosen a smaller percentage of women living in retirement homes compared to those living with their families. The age of the sample ranges from 60 to 80 years old. Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI-II) which is considered of having high reliability, cronbach’s  (alpha) with a value.938, has been used for the data collection. The anonymity of the sample was taken into consideration during the application of Beck’s Depression Inventory. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used for the data analysis. The T-test analysis indicated a significant statistical difference on the level of depression that exist between the older women who lives in retirement homes (M = 32.78, DS = 10.599) and the depression level of older women who live with their families   (M =15.77, DS = 6.253), t (98) = 9.144, p =.000, α < .05. ANOVA data support that older women   living in retirement homes, present a   higher levels of depression compared to older women living with their families t: F (1, 98) = 101.738, p = .001, α < .05. The argument put forward in this paper/study is that older women living in retirement homes in Tirana have experiences a higher level of depression than those living with their families. 


Depression; Older Women; Retirement Homes; Family.

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