The Effect of Acute and Subchronic Administration of Crude Khat Extract (Catha Edulis F.) on Weight in Mice

Faiz Mohammed, Ephrem Engidawork, Teshome Nedi


People widely chew khat, particularly in East Africa, for different purposes but there is no consistent data showing its effect on anorexia and weight. This study was made to add to the existing body of knowledge about khat and its effect on weight. A total of 50 albino mice, 6-8 weeks old, were administered orally with a single daily dose of khat extract for 30 days. The animals were divided into 4 groups. The first group served as controls and was administered with 0.5 ml 3% Tween 80 in water. Group two (K100), three (K200) and four (K300) were administered 100, 200 and 300 mg/kg khat extract, respectively.  The effect of crude khat extract on weight was measured and analyzed using One-way ANOVA. The result showed that acute administration of crude khat extract at doses used did have a significant effect on weight on all the three groups (khat administered) (p< 0.01) but there was no significant weight difference among the three groups. After the fourth days, this weight decrease, however, was followed by regaining the initial weight and then increasing till the end of the experiment.  Crude khat extract at acute and sub-chronic administration have anorexic effect but followed by development of tolerance which may be explained by a complex of Neuro-chemical processes.


Catha edulis; Anorexia; Weight; Acute; Subchronic

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